Upgrade Yourself a Notch

Track, record, learn the way your body moves

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Notch Biomechanics


Wearable sensor network

Sensor Network

Smartphone Motion Capture

Motion Capture
on Smartphone

Platform for Products

Platform for
Apps and Products


and Apparel

Wearable sensor network.

Flexible configuration.

Use as many sensors as you need.

Setup Path travelled Full-body motion capture

Library of movements

Physics of your motion

Biomechanics insights

Complete or partial skeletal reconstruction

Wearable motion capture



improve your performance

get insights

upgrade your body

Fresh from the labs

Latest in sensor technology

Flexible network configuration

Notch Dock Waterproof mounts Smallest profile

Water-resistant enclosure

Fast charging

Record with or without smartphone

Smallest profile possible

Less than 10grams weight

Exploded View

Inside Notch

most advanced technology, lowest price

movement capture everywhere, anytime

Motion assessment

Motion analysis tools on smartphone

3D visualization

Simple Setup Boost development of wearable tech product Simple UX for complex tasks

Hardware + Software platform

Build apps and products

Partnerships and collaborations

Simple interface

Complex experiences

Companion applications

Motion data from one notch


understand your movement

next gen movement tracking apps

Notches come in a sleek & simple design allowing to easily snap into any mounts or even integrated into the apparel. 

Placement of sensors for long-sleeve t-shirt

Mounts for all bodies and activities

Less than 1 second to mount
Mass charging

Flexible charging and data transfer solution

API for clothing

API for clothing

Design guidelines for optimized integration of sensors with existing garments

Integration with accessories
Notch shirt

Accessories and Apparel

line of mounts (for variety sports)

first truly wearable technology

API for clothing